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Welcome to the 2018 at 2019 Cockburn Business Directory.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Cockburn Business Directory. The information contained within this directory will assist you to increase your business network of find me job local suppliers and service delivery organizations, promote the concept of buy local and generate local jobs for local people. As we all know, the support of the small business sector is crucial to the economic growth and development of our district, the south west metropolitan region and the State itself. The City is proud to continue its investment decisions based around membership and financial support for the Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce and Business Foundations. The Citya maintains its commitment to actively supporting and engaging small to medium enterprises, home business and industry sectors within our district and an important aspect of any successful local governmentals growth. You are always search “essay one day“, it’s means our essay writing service for you! Things are tough out there from an economic point of view and have been for some time. It will be those business owners and investors that maintain a positive focus, train, motivate and encourage their members and staff to be the best they can be in the delivery of their products and services and that excel in customer service that will prevail. Adapting to the challenges of tod найти работу ay and those of tomorrow requires constant vigilance to ensure market share and cash flows are maintained and for the spirit of free enterprise to flourish. Over the past decade the City has experienced a steady population growth rate of approximately 3% per annum. With a population around 115,000 there are clear opportunities for continued business growth, new jobs and investment across the City and our region. It is our intention to ensure the City of Cockburn continues to be the best place to live, work, visit and invest in within the Perth metropolitan area. Our continued support and promotion of the small to medium business sector and Industry, with an emphasis on local content and local jobs, will ensure that we grow and prosper together based on the Cockburn tradition of hard work and mutual respect for the rich and culturally diverse community that we have become. Logan K Howlett, City of Cockburn


The City’s Strategic Community Plan and its financial support and promotion of the Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce and Business Foundations demonstrates our commitment to actively supporting small to medium enterprises,

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