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New semester, new milestones_ students reflect on their Spring 2017 goals _ Capitol Technology University

New semester, new milestones_ students reflect on their Spring 2017 goals _ Capitol Technology University

New semester, new milestones: students reflect on their Spring 2017 goals

Last week at Capitol we began our spring semester. We always wonder what our students are thinking at the beginning of a semester as well as what they expect to accomplish overall. Many students just want to earn good grades or have a relaxing semester, while other students are hoping to land an internship.

Gary Visser, a sophomore and lab manager in the electronics lab, said that “preferably, I would like to get all As this semester as well as get an internship. But really I’m using this semester to kind of calm things down as far as classes are concerned.”

“Last semester was pretty hectic so I kind of took a little bit of a breather this semester. So, I’m just looking to have a nice time, get some good grades, and relax before next semester kicks off,” he said.

Another student, Alexander English, said “I’m applying for an internship with a deadline in February. Hopefully I will get it.” He also hopes next semester to “take the classes that I need because they were not offered this semester.”

Many students have decided to relax this semester because during the fall semester they took six classes, or they had three or more classes in one day. Some other students are excited to be taking certain classes that interest them, such as Introduction to Astronomy, Game Theory and Design, Horror Fiction, or  Psychology. This breather will also allow them to be able to apply for many more internships and apprenticeships.

Getting an internship seems to be what many students want this semester. To help students out with this task, Capitol is hosting a Career Conference on Friday February 17th that will give students the chance to meet and talk with employers from different companies and organizations like the NSA and Northrop Grumman and perhaps have them look at their resume.

Also, Career Services has started a discussion board on MyCapitol where students can find out about available internships and full time positions.

We hope that our students accomplish what they set out to do this semester. Welcome back Capitol staff, students, family, and faculty for another great semester.

For more information concerning career services contact Sarah Alspaw at

By Sharhonda Whitfield

Pictured: Alexander English (right) and Gary Visser. Photo by Sharhonda Whitfield.


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